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 Post-Tribune 21 April, 1989


A look at the starring player – in piano bars


By Mark Taylor


Piano bars are places where the man making the music touches private places in your heart from across the room. He recreates tunes he might play 1,000 times a year, having no idea he’s re-ignited a torch. The drinks flow and so do the memories and sometimes the songs are more eloquent and poetic when played without words. Our hearts sing along. This musical conductor of moods makes listeners remember lost loves and misplaced youth, of people you shared these same songs with who are no longer around to hear them.  read full article



The Journal Gazette 9 January, 1997


Nichols travels world tickling the ivories


By Steve Penhollow


The hotel lounges of America are filled with cocktail pianists who do not merit a second glance, let alone full attention. Don’t make that mistake with Nat Nichols. Four nights a week, Nichols, an unassuming white-haired man with a Hungarian accent, plays electric piano in Pip’s Lounge at the downtown Holiday Inn in Fort Wayne. His attempts to put an unobtrusive musical backdrop behind your get-together belie a remarkable career filled with courage and passion. Jazz has never been just a hobby for Nat Nichols. It has driven his entire life. read full article


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