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 Contemporary Gospel Songs

Written by Nat Nichols and Randy Weiss

Performed by Nat Nichols, Randy Weiss and Janet Cravens

These songs are available for download in a pack (zip) or one by one (mp3):


01 - There's no way finer

02 - Jesus is the one

03 - Once upon a tree

04 - First sight you're looking good

05 - Why does he care for us?

06 - He died for you

07 - Make my home in heaven

08 - Are you still waiting?

09 - That cross

10 - Moment by moment

11 - Vehicle to heaven

12 - He's waiting, he's waiting

13 - What are you looking for?

14 - There were holes in my soul

15 - The end of hope

16 - Can you open your eyes?

17 - Yesterday, today, tomorrow

18 - Do you know the King?



 Christmas with Nat Nichols (2003) zoom image

Author Edition - (Limited Issues)

Performed by Nat Nichols

Traditional Christmas Songs presentation
by Nat Nichols


 Hebrew melodies

Author Edition - (Limited Issues)

Performed by Nat Nichols Jazz Trio

Listen: sample1, sample8


  Israel view tracklist & zoom image

 Author Edition - (Limited Issues)

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